What makes
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I have been designing and sewing for over 20 years. It is my favourite form of creative expression and it makes me feel connected to the people that have shared their knowledge with me.

I started my love affair with fabric and sewing at a young age. My grandmothers were my biggest influence. They were always sewing something when I was growing up. Quilts, doll clothes, special dresses – anything that they could imagine. I loved everything that they made and wanted to know how to make things of my own.
My daughter is my biggest inspiration. Her imagination is boundless. She does not believe in “can’t”  - if she can imagine she believes that it is possible.
I am also inspired by the world around me. Colours, textures, the shades and depth in a sunrise or sunset .......

Quilting holds a special attraction for me. Quilts are practical, but can be very beautiful and multi-dimensional as well. When I sew a quilt it feels like I am making something useful and lasting.

I make quilts every year to donate to a local hospital for fundraising and I also donate fabric and supplies to a local quilting group that makes quilts for other local charities.

I try to be as environmentally conscious as I can. I support other small and home based businesses, both in my local community and online. Every bit of the fabrics that I purchase is used. You will notice that the same fabric appears throughout my shop, in everything from blankets, lunch bags, nursing pads and patchwork projects.

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