Wet Bags

These waterproof, zippered wet bags are perfect for wet diapers, swimsuits, bibs, burp cloths, clothing and anything else wet, soiled or soggy that you want to keep separate.

Throw it in the diaper bag or stroller and take it with you for a day of errands, a trip to Grandma's, the beach or anywhere else that your travels take you.

This bag can also be used to store gym clothes, make up, snacks or anything else you want to keep contained.

These bags are made with water repellent PUL and are lightweight and easy to carry.

Easy Care for busy parents!
Machine wash and tumble dry - Just throw it in the wash with whatever you had inside.

The 6” strap with a snap closure, makes it very easy to take it with you or hang it up. Use the strap to carry the bag or attach it to your stroller handle, door knob, gym bag etc.

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